BWC- Minas Tirith

Well, I was wanting to do the hair, but I got distracted… I know you won’t be able to see his face, but I had fun… I’m still working on the hair…

@The Bigfoot: Thanks. I realize now that the face isn’t quite Tolkien’s… oh well… Like I said, you won’t really be able to see him from the front.

Amazing, man, amazing! Looking forward for this one.

BTW, you know that in the movie it was a miniature, right?

Cool project! Good luck, I’m gonna wait till render time before commenting though. It’s too good so far.

And why don’t you make the face look like Tolkien, since it’s supposed to be him. Especially as that pic doesn’t look even close.

Here’s some refs I found with a really really quick search:

Good luck!