BWC- Minas Tirith

Well, I’m going to take a shot at it. And I’m going to do it LOTR!

I was thinking along the lines of an old man (Tolkien), sitting at a table on a hill, writing in a book. In the background, Minas Tirith rising from the mountains about it. My current concept, it will probably change…

I might play around with the idea… perhaps Tolkien in a room, with the walls fading to Middle Earth?

Nice concept - very dreamy setting. Look forward to your renders & all the best!~

Looks good, I like the way you combined the 3d object and the digital painting.

Thanks! You like the composition, though? That’s what I have the most problem with…

Here is my Minas Tirith…

How does that look?

THAT IS AMAZING!! howd you do this?! just extrusions? you using subsurf? the only two things wrong i can see are that your light should be a little more in front of the model, bcuz it is casting harsher shadows than you might want right now, and somehow the rock is off, idk how, but it is, maybe make the bumps smaller and more of them to make it seem larger. Idk, but I am now subscribing to this thread :smiley:

I played around with grass today. Not realistic yet, but I captured the color and the feel, I think.

Downloading realistic grass tutorial now…

those are good colors :smiley:

DAAAAAAAAAAAAMN! That’s cool. Can you see first prize


Great start!

For participants must create a WIP. Or who wants to spread?

Alright, looks a little better?

@Fish_Fly3r: Sorry, I didn’t mean to ignore you… I didn’t look when I posted. The city of Kings I modeled completely with extrusions from cubes and circles. Very simple, just looked at a couple images of the back and sides. The only subsurf is on the circular walls.

That rock I’m still working on. I want the huge scars reaching from the bottom you can see in the movies… I’ll think about the best way to put it together.

Thanks a lot!

Dimetrii, I’m not sure what you’re asking. Could you clarify?

My first time participating in this championship. We must create a theme with the process work? Or is it optional.

woah! that grass is amazing :open_mouth:

this will an awesome work!
goos luck!

It’sa optional, but usually a really good idea. One: because it gets your name out there and 2: You’ll get tips/crits from everyone on here which leads to a better image overall.

Really awesome job btw man. This is one I’ll have to keep an eye on.

The grass is a little closer to how I want it to look now…

I suppose I’ll actually have to start modelling now… :wink:

Yes, Dimetrii, it isn’t nessecary to create a WIP thread, but it can help to get your image looking nice. Good luck!

the grass is looking great!! :smiley: and i love the level of detail on the city, did you use alot of array modifiers? and id love to see some more shots of it

Hmm… I tried modeling Tolkien today, and my results were, well, less than satisfactory. I was never good with faces… I’ll have to try harder…

@Fish_Fly3r: I don’t use arrays all that much, what I did essentially was parent buildings to empties and duplicate them. Very simple, but from a distance it looks nice. I’ll get some good images and post them…

Well, I haven’t been able to work on this recently…life got in the way. What was it thinking? :wink:

I started on Tolkien’s face…

I think I got a fairly nice edge flow this time…


As you can see, it’s not that detailed, just kinda looks nice from a distance…

Tolkien’s finished head…

I’m proud of that head, it’s the nicest I’ve made. :cool: Next major modeling project is the Fields of the Pellenor.

Very nice. I love the city, very close to the movie. The face doesn’t quite look like Tolkien to me, but it looks good (ignore me, it 's been over a year since I last saw a photo of the guy). The grass is excellent. You’re brilliant dude, first the balrog, now the white city.