BWC; "Oh, Deer!"

Yes, again another BWC thread, booring!
for those who are interested, read further. :rolleyes:

i saw that alot of people are doing somethin predator-prey like, i wanted to do something else but couldn’t think of somethin’ better than this;

a photo of a crocodiles mouth with the head of a terrified deer in it (not catched yet)
in the background there are trees, a river, the tail of the crocodile and splatters of mud and water.
tell me what you think :wink:
(the head ain’t done yet)

and also, if you got a better title - cause i suck at making up titles - tell me!

A odd idea that’ll make the little girl scream.

:rolleyes: I don’t think i’m going for that one, though it is better than mine.
little update on the head, things are going a little slow =


The deer was thirsty, Hungry is too obvious title so I’ll skip that too, sorry
you see, making up good titles is hard :stuck_out_tongue: (with me as judge anyway)

i thought the name had to describe the picture so… even an idiot could get it…

nice croc anyway

-wrong forum, sorry-

Hmm…How about “Oh Deer!”

lol that’s a nice one too, I’ll have that one for now…
but it’d be awesome if you’d give me some crits/comments about the scene/modelling too.

From a general shape standpoint, I would say it looks really good. I’m waiting to see how you texture him.

damn, i should’ve planned this out. -_-"
looks like I won’t get everything right before deadline. tomorrow I’m on vacation for ten days so…

though, this doesn’t mean that I’ll drop this project just like that :wink:

( I have progress but I’m on the wrong computer now…)

Croc tails aren’t that flat, also, too bad you won’t be able to finish this in time for the BWC deadline.

Keep It Up!