By the water Scene! Please state your input!

I am currently making a scene which later will be a CG (computer Generated) Movie, right now im modeling the wooden plank pieir thing so tell me what u think!
“But, Its not finished yet”
Please tell me what i should add
If the picture doesent show up below please copy and pase this link in ur address bar

Heres the update!
I still have lots to do thou!

Good but i have contiuned my work plz look!
Its still not nearly done!
C&C welcome!

Use AO, that’ll make it nicer to look at :).

Work on the water, it doesn’t look like water (and don’t use anything other than a solid colour for the surface, unless you’re going for algea or something). If this were a still, I’d reccomend using the clouds or stucci textures mapped to normal to get waves, but since it’s an animation, you should use the wave effect.

The peir looks peir-ish, except for textures of course.

Good luck.

Use more lights, turn them higher, use a sun. Your water is a bit rough.I use mostly clouds set to hardnoise. And make a simple page at freewebs to show you work. So we don’t have to c&p.


Unless you’re going to have the water break against the legs of the dock, I’d either remove the dock from the scene or reduce it in size. The water looks like a large area, and the dock looks very out of scale.

thanks for your input ill get on it!

Heres a update
i still need to do alot!