ByteWiper - vertical arcade shooter with binary art feel

Hey! I wanted to make an arcade shooter with Blender for a long time. This is another effort to do so. I decided to share it with the public, to possibly get some feedback, some technical advice and to possibly inspire something good.

ByteWiperPack.blend (1.5 MB)

Here’s a story briefing:

The System has been infected by an unknown virus. You are the defense program, a bunch of code that’s goal is to eliminate threats and guard the System’s resources: CPU time, memory and storage. You begin your mission on an infected printer node. Goal: eliminate hostile binary code, free stolen resources, retrive any information about the virus you can get. You cannot leave any copies of the virus running or they will recover to full strength. You can use retrived resources to upgrade your program. Don’t ask the admin any questions, it’s go time! You know what to do. Execute!

Current features:

  • Scrolling multi-layer level art created by importing linux distros ISO as image into Gimp (binary feel!)
  • Moving the ship (WSAD)
  • Shooting a simple plasma gun duo (Space Bar)
  • Hit sounds on three enemy objects (virus code chunks).
  • The sounds are also based around importing binary data into Audacity as sound.

Nothing more to enjoy yet.

Hi, I tried it.
It looks very nice. The different levels of noise make the background quite interesting.

The ship and enemies are pretty funky too.

When I fired the gun a lot the game crashed to desktop, though I don’t know why.

This looks very good, reminds me old games on Atari or C64.

Całkiem fajnie, wypróbuj moją strzelanke umieściłem plik exe.