Yes, I am a newbie to blender. I have been working my way through the numerous tutorials that I have found on the web. I have also tried searching in this forum for an answer but to no avail. So, at the risk of sounding really stupid, I am going to ask this question anyways.

Several older tutorials mention “C-Key” as a requirement…what does this mean? Have there been changes made that I need to be aware of in v. 2.42a?

Sorry if this has been posted in the wrong area, but since I don’t know what this is referring to, I’m not sure where it belongs…

Your help in this is greatly appreciated…

It’s obsolete, don’t worry about it, was a “registration / unlock thing”.

If you want some good tutorials, work through the “Summer of Documentation” tutorials (see links in my signature), they were written only a few months ago and cover the latest features and will match up with the current user interface, saving you problems trying to find other things that don’t exist or have been moved / changed.


Thanks for the quick responese…I’ll be sure to check out the tutorials. Needless to say, I have been pulling my hair out a bit…

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