C++ Programers needed

If you can create a game engine in C++, reply back and I will have the specifics for what it needs soon.

There are already ton’s of game engines out there,
why would you want to re-invent the wheel?

Most game companies just “rent” a game-engine
because it takes a FULL team at least a YEAR to
create a half decent game engine.

Here’s a popular game engine that makes it possible
to start with very little money - and it’s good too!


(and above all - Blender support)

Furthermore there are ton’s of commercial game
engines out there…with various licensing options,
even a couple of free ones.

Google Crystal Space.

All C++ and limited GPL, packed with features.

sure, I can but why should I?
[not that I wasn’t hoping too]

I’d have to agree with Jo0ngle though, an engine is a lot of work [personally I am somewhat interested in the tools too, more work] and would take a good team quite a while to get completed

the Torqe game engine is $100 and was used in tribes 2 [garagegames…]
[getting art is more of a problem than an engine in my opinion]

if you want open source options you could use the Crystal space engine
or ogre

if you’re making anything of real value and epic scope you could prototype it in the unreal engine and find a publisher with your prototype which could pay for the licensing fees and further development. This would save them a lot of money [lisensing an engine is much cheaper than developing one] and time [no waiting for tools for an engine]

Keep in mind that you could mod the Crystal Space engine to all of your liking and still pay nothing for it. Check out the featurelist, it’s really impressive.

irrlicht.sourceforge.net (soon export as x direct files from blender)

neoengine.org .Export as md5 using der_ton blender script.

For static meshes, there’s lots of formats to export to these engines.

There are masses of free 3d game engines available.

Crystal Space
Quake 2
Genesis 3D
…and more.

Plus, there are also some excellent low-cost engines and complete development environments too.

Conitec GameStudio A6
Auran Jet
Unreal series
GarageGames Torque
…et cetera.

Look them up in Google.