C4 demo explained/overview + .blend download

hey guys just a quick overview of the main mechanics of the demo which i will be covering in the real tutorial as this is just an overview. Hope you enjoy it and the .blend.
Thanks for all the great support, Download link HERE

The trailer for the tutorial for those of you who haven’t seen it yet:

Love the explosion… I believe you really study how the real explosion looks like (timing - quick flash, smokes & lots of smokes)

Thanks I got most of the inspiration from the explosions in battlefield 3, and “borrowed” their method of using lamps with the smoke to give the illusion that there is fire.

very good, will use some of these ideas :slight_smile:

The demo is laged when i am near to the particles, but is very good.
Advice: not start the game with a non-apicated modifier (only the armature) because it lagged the game.