Cabin in the Tatra Mountains

All my models except car (Hum3D) and some plants (Botanique add-on). Textures and scans are mostly from Mixer, but you pile of wood logs by house is my own photorgammetry model - you can download it from my website for free here.

Lit with HDRi only - used own hdri map I have captured in Tatra mountains few years ago - if you like it you can get it also from my website.

Rendered in Blender 3.0 Cycles - 1024 samples - Full Global Illumination preset.
Render resolution: 4800x1800px
Rendering time: ~10 minutes on single RTX 3090

Although my PC hardware is considered to be quite powerful, I have struggled with particles display in the viewport. I have used my own add-on for toggle ON/OFF all particles in my scene.
Please have a look at the video below - it is very simple and useful add-on for Blender 3.0
Watch Youtube short tutorial


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Wow! Thanks mate. Didn’t expect that at all!!! I am delighted

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I really like this artwork and I wonder how did you add snow. Is this all blender stuff or PostPro?
I also visited your website and YouTube channel and I’d like to say that you make great things!!

Snow is a 4K texture from Mixer, but I have added some snowy rocks scans on the edges and matched it’s colours to main snow texture, also I have modified scans using sclupting brushes so they fit better.
Thanks for youtube visit! I appreciate it.