Cabin in the woods

Hello! First post here!

This is an older small project I wanted to render with the new Cycles X. It took about 13 mins with 1200 samples, 2500x2500 resolution and max bounces at 32.

Also the rainy version here:

Any constructive criticism is welcomed :smiley:


Really love it/ Scale, reflections, materials, light, woods. Simple and uncluttered. Minimalism at it’s best. One thing I would try to improve is leather (I guess it’s leather) material on the chair. Looks plasticky. Other than that kudos.

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Thank you :slight_smile: I appreciate your comment

Very impressive. How did u make the landscapes/vegetation?

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I think the chair is fine, your perception is wrong it’s not leather it’s synthetic material, and normally it’s like that.

It’s actually an HDRI image:


Well, it might be your perception is wrong too until OP confirms :slight_smile: In my opinion one kind find very appealing and natural looking or otherwise aesthetically pleasing synthetic materials too.