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Here is my latest personal project. The inspiration is from a photo I happened to come across. The grass and leaves are from Blender Guru’s Grass Essentials Pack, and some of the rocks and logs are from the Megascans library. Rendered in Blender Cycles, post processing done with Photoshop. Cheers!


It would have enough space inside to feel good. Much more room than my 6’ x 7’ room. Looking at the roof I know this must be far north.

I personally would like to see a satallite dish for internet and some kind of power source, maybe solar or generator. the idea of something like this with the basics of life, isolated.


Nice work!

(Nulus) #4

That my friend is wonderful…

(clayton.95) #5

Thanks all!

(John Manoogian III) #6

So beautiful! Thank you for including the process shot and the original reference photo, it helps us appreciate the quality of the finished product!

(clayton.95) #7

Thanks I appreciate it!

(Arnywar) #8

Are the trees in background a photo?

(clayton.95) #9

Yes they are. I originally planned to model the background but decided against spending more time on it.

(kalish) #10

I like the feel in this render… Good Work. Good post production, i didn’t notice the background was a photo.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #11

You’re #featured, enjoy!

(Drew Evan) #12

you should also add lichen/mold thing that growing on the roof of cabin as seem in reference photo

(clayton.95) #13

Was planning to add it, but changed my mind as was I starting putting more time into it, but I might decide to rework it later on and add it!

(Drew Evan) #14

other than that it brilliant…

(Jambay) #15

love the “A” frame and seasonal details, but you missed summer :wink: nice, thx for sharing.