Cabinet of Curiosities!

Hello guys, here is a scene I made last week, hope you will like it !

It’s a cabinet of curiosities, I wanted to have the classic natural museum vibe in it and a strong lighting.

I had a hard time with the skeleton glass rendering, it was way to dark or rendering weird, so I cheated and cut it in half.
I use low density volume scattering shadered cube for the rays, if you have a top notch way to do it I’ll be glad to hear it (I’m also looking for good documentation on Light Nodes).

I like to see people’s workplace so here’s mine !


I find this very interesting! Good job!

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Thank you !!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you very much Bart !!

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Hmm interesting solution… :thinking: And why cut off the front ? Would you show the shader setup for the glass? Did it had some thinkness? Cyles or Eevee? Hmm again for making so much question up and don’t seeing the lady beatle with hat and walking stick… :crazy_face: …or the fireflies on the plants on the left…

Hey ! The main problem was the skeleton being too dark (with white material) through the glass, that’s why I cut off the front. There was probably a better solution but it was the fastest (I try to get my scenes done as fast as possible).

Here is the shader, it’s a simple principled BSDF with transmission and a different IOR mainly (spec and roughness are low too). I tried with a glass shader but it did not give me enough control. There seems to be a lot of glass documentation, so I’ll probably take time to watch and learn for the next scene !

It had some thinkness indeed, and it’s rendered in Cycles (around 1024 samples, still noisy in the darkest areas, I should have used a defocus in compositing but had no time and made it in photoshop).

Ahh… ever thought of using a glass shader (with correct IOR for glass) and a solidify modifier? Suzanne is actually smaller; the glass shader makes also some kind of lense effect! (512 samples in viewport… to see something… and only the one standard point light)

Sometimes this is also mixed with a transparency or glossy shader and sometimes (for efficiency) with a camera ray visibility node setup…

Yep Glass shader was my first try, I tried many IOR, and my model had thichness from solidify, but I think the problem might come from the lighting. I used volume scatter block to partially use volumetric lighting. Here is a screenshot (not sure if it’s clear enough, but you should be able to see the two volumes used for the volumetric lighting).

The mix of a Glass shader and a transparency is an option I saw afterwards, I’ll definitely give it a try. I don’t know about the camera ray visibility node setup, I’ll search for documentation, thanks !

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Ahh again… i was somekind of expecting volume lights… newer used it… and about the camera -ray/shaodw -ray somthing like this is what i meant

Thanks for sharing: “the problematics of an not so easy glass setup if you use volume lights”. :wink:

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