Cache is outdated... help?

hello, i’m new to the forum and new using blender. :slight_smile:
I’m trying to make a cloth simulation on blender. It’s going to be like a blanket on a couch.
I get this message ‘’ 0 frames in memory (0.0 kb), cache is outdated!’’. Not sure what’s wrong. It worked last time i used it. I can’t use ‘‘Bake’’ anymore not even on new files :frowning:

My version of blender is 2.77.


You already have baked data, but it is not up to date with sim changes you’ve made, hence the cache being “outdated”. You need to click “free bake” to clear the existing cache data, then you can bake again so that your cache is updated.

where is the “free bake”

Did you fix your problem?

No but I think I had found a work around, I’ve lost interest in blender since then lmao