Cacodemon: 2023 Update

So some time ago I started a little hobby project. It began with an idea to see how easy it would be to sculpt a cacodemon in VR using Oculus/Adobe Medium. Within a couple of hours I had a pretty nice looking little monster pal.

There I left it for a few months, doing other work, until recently when I decided to load that model up into blender and clean it up a bit, rebuilt the horns using the skin modifier and some subsurf.

After that I threw it into Zbrush for the final detail pass. Once I was happy with the detail, I created boolean key cutters in blender and threw it back into zbrush for the final bools since blender would probably explode trying to bool some 5mil poly model.

Here is my 3D printed Caco. Still needs a little cleanup, but I plan to make silicone molds of each part so I can put painted and unpainted versions of this baddy up on my etsy #eventually

I have yet to design the stand for this guy though, so that’s next on my to do list!

If anybody wants to try to print this themselves the model is up for sale on cults3d:


What a beautiful version! :heart:

Aw man, if I could I’d have a couple of those hanging from the ceiling of my room :nerd_face: :smiling_imp: Hssss

Hey thanks!
Here’s a better look at the cleaned up print. Have to get some silicone so I can start molding this mofo.


I absolutely adore this take, holy shit!

I think I might buy an unpainted model if you’ve gotten to that stage.

I’m almost there, I just need to pick up some supplies. However, if you felt inclined to pre-order one, I could get the materials and make one up for you! Feel free to shoot me a DM if you like :slight_smile:

you are a very talented boy with such a taste!!

You made him even more adorable then I could’ve thought possible and he was already pretty adorable. I’m in love

It’s been a minute. I’ve been very busy with work, but I’ve taken some time to learn texturing with Mari. And as such I have put a bunch of work into retopo, baking, and texturing this mother hubbard. My end goal is to create a rendered creature that looks like it could be in a film. I’m not totally happy with the anatomy of the mouth, but since thisw as designed to be 3d printed and never actually taken this far, I didn’t really pour much effort into the mouth region.

Oh well! Here’s a look at the texture in progress as it currently stands. Not totally happy with the eyeball or the textures inside the mouth. Will probably put some more energy there over the coming week or two.


I was just playing this game! Looks great!

thanks for updating, gotta remember to follow up on this lmao

Some more texture updates. I improved the textural details and anatomy of the eye, and experimented more with lighting and mouth magic.
Might do a couple more model tweaks, but the next big thing is to sort out some kind of diorama for him so I can have something shiny to add to my portfolio.


Nice job! Way more detailed than the one I did in Sculptris over a decade ago.

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Gotta love them cacopals!

Updated the topic with the newest image and updated tags for the best of 2022.

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Made a shiny new showcase render now that I’ve had time to work on my portfolio.




Thank you very much! It’s greatly appreciated :blush: