CAD measurment feature in Blender?


I am just starting to use Blender and have a basic modeling
question. Say I want to duplicate an object or a room in
Blender and I have the measurments (6 cubits by 8 cubits).
Are there rulers that can be set up on the grids or some
other method to keep everything in exact proportion?

How do the experts deal with this or do you just sort of
wing it and resize tings to look right?



each square of the background grid can be anything you want it to be, so let each square be a cubit.

And yes, I personally just wing it.

I use the grids units as whatever unit I’m working in. Then when I scale, I hold the control key to uh, control the percentage of scaling.

I usually keep a calculator next to my mouse, too :smiley:

Set the grid to whatever you want and then activate the “Grab Grid” button in the user panel (upper part of the screen). You can also set “Grab Rot” and “Grab Size” to avoid pressing CTRL every time.

Hope that helps.