/me nods to warder

Anyway, i got inspired by warder’s city of tar valon, so i decided to do my own. Not Tar Valon of course (lets not turn this into a competition) but caemlyn.

I was wondering what reference image to use though.
I started working with
but all i’ve done so far is go around the walls with a bezier curve.
would this image be better

Aright. Got a new update. Decided to do the first one. It just looks better. Besdies, i can’t remember a great big road going right through the middle. (That wouldn’t look as good either).

Everything is done using bezier curves or circles.

The render(bigish image, 1920x1080):

And the wireframe

Been talking to warder a bit, and warder said that in their tar valon project, they used an array modifier along with a curve modifier to do the walls. (correct me if i’m wrong).

Anyway, i’m having trouble with it. Heres a blend.


v1.blend (359 KB)

You have an object rotation on the walls2 object.
If you clear that with “ALT+R” you can rerotate in edit mode to fit the original position.
After that add an array modifier with “fit to curve” and “walls2” as Object.
Then add a curve modifier with “walls2” as Object and I believe z as the axis.
Hope it helps.

Um, i did as best as i could, but it doesn’t seem to work. Here’s another blend.


v1.blend (571 KB)

Sorry for taking so long to answer, but I borged up my system and needed to reinstall.
I took another look at your blendfile.
Things that I changed to get it to work are:
Clear Scale and location on the wall segment (ALT+S and ALT+G)
After that in edit mode scale it down to the proper size.
You also might need to move the verts in edit mode to better fit the curve.

Also remove the inner faces and edges of the wall segment, they might later show problems in the render.
I wanted to upload the new file, but somehow I can not attach a file to this thread, guess because I am not the owner or something.
If you want to get the blend file please send me a note and I provide it via PM. (even though I do not believe it should be necessary after these information)


can you load up the lates file Thanks

would it be possible to do this for and old wood post walll
with may be UV mapping of some wood pole unto the first section
then apply the Array and curve modifier?

like old indian village surronded with wall of wood poles

or an old far west fort !

keep up the good work

happy blendering

This is what i’ve got

It should be possible to do those things, as far as i know.


v1.blend (702 KB)

Started on a building, since i was stuck on where to go from where i was up to.

Roughly modelled on Buckingham palace. Wasn’t intended to be the royal palace, as it is shaped rather differently. However it could be one side or something, or just a rich merchants place :stuck_out_tongue:

Move the wall segment in edit mode to fit better on the origin point.
Clear the location on walls2 (ALT+G) then reposition in edit mode.
Use the same curve for the array and the curve modifier.
Then you should have it.

Thank you so much. I finally got it working !! :} :}

Been a while hasnt’ it. I saw the latest renders of warders and decided to keep going.

However, there’s gonna be one big difference between warder’s and mine: Mine isnt’ going to be flat.

So, recently i have started making the meshes for the roads. I converted all the curves into meshes, joined em, and using F joined it.

Shift+right-click on verts
goto start
I could do this very fast, through i know i dont’ strictly need the a


Getting there, slowly.

I’ve made 2 new buildings, some props, and i’m starting to block out the city. This is helpful because it lets me see what shaped buildings are most common. It starts giving a general feel to the city.

So, pics time.

(more in a minute)


The last of the pics

(i would upload em to sourceforge (where i host my site) but i can’t be bothered. Sorry. Most pics were 1920*1080)

screw it, it’s not uploading to BA