Caesar - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Hi guys! This is a new work I did for my portfolio.

Caesar - “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”

Blender 2.7

Final Render -

3D View -

WOW extremely nice work on the modeling, Ricardo!! Although, the texturing could use a bit more work. Perhaps bump map to make the model look more organic. The fur looks great too!

This is really great.I really like the expression on his face.I think there should be something more interesting in the background.Just my opinion.Keep up the good work

SO Impressive.
So sharp modeling, it’s so close to the original.

How did you sculpt the finest details?

the portrait sculpting is great. the render is irritating however, it looks like it is in orthographic view… . my suggestion, try a camera with 100mm as it is used in portrait fotography. it still does not distort much, and shows perspective, as the human eye is used to see… other than that, i think you really captured the essence of cesar. well done.

lighting, shaders and textures don’t match the sculpting quality IMO.
great job anyway

Really great sculpt, and the fur is brilliant :smiley:

I think the lighting it a bit flat though - I only realized that the model had some detail in it because of the screenshots. The low-res/blurred textures and slightly over-done SSS doesn’t help there either.

Cool ; great job… Top Row please !

Good looking model. You nailed the facial expression.

Incredible! I agree with the previous comments about the flat render. You should really try for some more dramatic lighting, we can’t see all the outstanding sculpting you’ve done. How about a harsh light from above?

You’ve nailed the expression!!!

Looks awesome! Great work man :slight_smile:

Thank you for the great comments and constructive criticism. Really missed me more dedication in the final result, this work was taking a lot of my time, I think it made me do a lot in a hurry to finish and ended up hurting the final result. About the lighting, it was not even cool. Doris, you’re right about the lack of pespectiva, thanks for the tip, will help me in the next work =). Pieriko, to the fine details I usually use the “crease”.

Thank you all again for the feedback!

Amazing detail, as always! Love your work. :slight_smile:

I really like the ape in the viewport but unfortunately the rendering quality is not as high as the sculpt.
Anyway great sculpting work as always from you.

The face modeling is great, but the fur could use some work though, could be tweaked to look more believable.

super cool, man. it’s a little on the dark side, maybe another version with a little more light?

I think this work is perfect.

gud one nick work ricardo :slight_smile: