Cafe racer motorbike - Classic and sport

Latest work made with Blender and Cycles.


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sport version


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other classic views


other sport views


Niely donee, mate! Just thinking about changing background for example to studio lighting with white-based paper.

I don’t really like the background only white, but i can check if could be better…thanks!

Everything looks superb, I really love that front wheel detail :slight_smile:

Wow, very detailed model, what type of reference you have used? How many hours of work?

Thanks!for reference i have used some pictures of yamaha virago, but many details are not taken from this type of motorbike. More or less i spent two hours a day for one week.

Rally nice render but quite weird model of a bike :slight_smile:

thanks :slight_smile:

why? This is a cafe racer motorbike… See below some examples:

I do like those models. BUt the red one, with the seat attached to the gas tank, no so much. Perhaps its the combination of styles. I prefer the other more rough looking one.

I think it’s not so strange a motorbike with this configuration, but don’t worry for me your opinion is good and could be corrected, each person has different tastes!

Brown is my favorite, but honestly, they both look frikking awesome. I’d ride them :stuck_out_tongue:

total noobie here, think it will take a while before I can do a wheel :slight_smile: . But looks great in all. Only miniscule criticism I have is, the red bike with the carbon fibre seems a little “off”. Just throws the eyes as a bit speckly. Though maybe thats something (samples or whatever, as if i have a clue :slight_smile: ).

how many polygons?

Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

see below:

Thanks for the info. Very nice work, congrats !