Cairo Meeting

Hello All,

This is my first post on this forum.
I would like your feedback on the framing, especially Bokah, and if the image gives you a feeling
you are looking at a miniature ?

thank you.


Yes, it does indeed make it look like a miniature. Your render is very nicely done and photorealistic. The shallow depth of field really helps draw attention to the cup on the table. Maybe try make the cup slightly transparent, to imitate such a thin material?
Which renderer did you use?

Thank you Pixelgrapher, your obsevations were all kept in mind (as you can see).
Here is the final result, if you want to check.
There render was Cycles, with one HDRI (sunrise) map and one sun light lamp under harsh angle.
There is also a plane behind the camera, to tone down the rays, and some dark and brigh “beams” (extended cubes)
around the scene. I usually try to keep my renders 0-1; a normalized light values and material properties, but this one got
off the charts, because i wanted to use none post production (i only cleaned the noisy parts in flame). Also, cranking up the numbers
gave out a nice “off the charts” brightness, which resulted (IMHO) to a nice early morning lighting.

cin cin.


image is boring. there is nothing interesting about it, and the blur is too much. you have to add an interesting focal element, currently its the cup, and the smoking thing, witch is not fun :slight_smile:

I would’t say this is boring image. There is actually quite a bit going on here and the story that is being told. To me the focus of the image is the table, which is a great design with the glass running like stream through the wood. The depth of field is much better than the first post. I almost get the feeling that this could be used as a sales image showcasing the table.