Right, so it’s a cake…

As an artist, I’m more interested in having a nice, detailed mesh rather than anything else, so I would appresiated that all comments /suggestions are towards the mesh / modelling; and not the lighting, composition, colours and so on. If you feel you have to though, you may.

I intend to add some flowery designs around the side & center, candle holders as well as improving the candles themselfs (hopfully to resemble the more classic spiral-ribbed birthday candles you get).

I posted this ealier than I planned, as the candle part was alot harder than i expected in terms of getting a nice spiral so any suggestion on how to do that part would be greatly appresiated. :slight_smile:

Comments welcomed.

Images Blender+AO | Yafray.


The modeling looks great! Especially the decorations around the edge. Those are quite nice. I don’t have any suggestions on how to spiral something but there’s a tut below on how to make a drill bit. He uses a procedure to spiral that, maybe you can apply it to your candles.

Personally, I would leave the model as is and just have the texture be a two-color spiral and map it to color and a b+w version to nor.

Drill bit TUT Here

Thanks for that link. I originally used the screw function in blender - I can see where I went wrong now. Thanks for that.

Thanks additionally to the previous comments.

No problem. Be sure to post results.

Update: Done the candles, candle holders and some flowery icing designs…

Todo: More decorations for the side, some foliage to complement the flowers aswell ^^.

C&C welcome as usual.


Looking very good. But the color of the cake in the render you did with internal + AO looks quite a bit better. Use that.

Its a wondeful…cake. cant say ive seen anything like it on these forums before.

It’s still the same colour - Yafray just makes it darker compared to blender’s AO with the settings it’s on.

I decided to do a nicer blender AO version which your’ll probabily enjoy :wink:

Thanks for your comment guitar and ality.