Its a cake…

I’m not quite happy with the flame /emited lights grain, so i’ll try to render it again and clean it up but thats not much of a problem so I decided to post this as a finished project now since it took a long time to render:p :slight_smile:

Special thanks to Lakcaj on blender IRC & guitar87 from the WIP thread. :slight_smile:

Yafray rendered.


Cool love the design and i mean the cream and the nice little floors on the cake.One crit.The candles.I have never seen bleack candles and they look a bit haunted:eek: .Thats the only problem.Try and make it into more of a happy color!:wink:

Neat! I love the little dollops of icing around the edge, and the flower decorations on the sides.

It looks too uniform, though, like a decorated roll of cheese. The red fire is a bit strange, and with the overall greyness of the cake, it looks kind of evil, like a death-cake or something. If you brightened it up and bumpmapped the frosting, it would look much better.

Looks good, but as you said, the flame needs work. Try using particles. Also, the cake needs some more colour added to it, to brighten it up + make it look ‘happy’.