Cal3d Export from Blender to Moviestorm

I am trying to export from blender to moviestorm with the aim eventually to create gestures and hand held props . I am using moviestorm 1.52 and Blender 2.58 (I have tried 2.62 as well) . As a first try I have created a simple object with 1 bone and a mesh . They are fully attached to each other. I am using the updated scripts from that are specifically written for blender 2.58 (they do seem to work/not work just as well in 2.62) . I can successfully export the object into CAL3D format and .csf & .cmf files are created (binary format), however they are not recognised by Moviestorm when trying to create “Addons” . (I have also tried nbConv , this doesn’t seems to work anymore)

Some Questions :-

  1. Further to this I understand from talking to the Moviestorm Forums that the Cal3D format exported from Blender is not the same as Exported from 3DS Max (which is what the Moviestorm team use) Can anyone confirm or deny this ?

  2. I understand from reading about this subject that the blender2cal3d was originally developed for export to moviestorm , is this correct ?

  3. Is anyone using cal3d other than Moviestorm now?

Any Information would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance