calculate bone roll

hello. I want to animate for the game engine. I was wondering what is the best way to calculate bone roll? thank you.

Are you meaning to calculate how far a bone rolled, or how to rig a bone to roll?

Rigging a bone to roll is pretty easy. Add a Transform constraint to the bone you wish to roll and set it to roll or rotate on a certain axis. Then define the min and max roll degree and the parenting bones location or roll min and max as to when to affect the contrainted bone.

If you wish the roll to execute regardless of the parenting bones loc or rot click ‘extrapolate’ (sp?) at the top of the constraint panel.

If you are looking for a formula to calculate the amount of roll of a bone… Thats beyond me, sounds like python scripting there.

i was referring to the menu that is called by pressing ctrl + n while in bone edit mode. there are several options such as x, y, and z axis. does it matter which one to choose?