Calculating Rotation

I have a basic knowledge of trig which I’ve been using in my scripts. For some reason I’m not able to control rotation that well in my scripts as they iterate. Playing with both radian/degrees and plugging them into blender isn’t working the way I had hoped.

Is there something I’m overlooking? If I have to catch up a bit in my math, what am I missing? As always, just a link is need. bump in the dark.


Can you post your code and what you thought it was going to do?

A quick and sloppy paste -

bpy.ops.transform.rotate(value=(0.785398,), axis=(-0, -0, -1))

I don’t get the relationship between value and axis. Value is obviously radians, and I’m turning it on the z-axis. What I don’t get is regardless of the z-axis value, (be it .01, -1, or whatever) it still turns 45 degrees/.785 radians.

So whats the meaning of the code rotate code and the relationship between axis/value?

axis = (0,0,anyNotZero) is a rotation around z-axis …
Try a rotation with axis (0,1,1) and compare results!

They both turn 45 degrees.
So really putting a number in the axis is the same as saying “true” for those?

Oh I mean try rotating (different) planes e.g. to see the effect.
True behaves as 1 False behaves as 0.
Use numpad 7 then axis= (0,0,1) rotates visible 45 degrees
axis = (0,1,1) rotates too 45 degrees but as you can see the result is different! axis is not orthogonal to x-y-z space-axes