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Messing with some more hard surface detailing. Hope you guys like the finger print :stuck_out_tongue:
Based on a concept.


you are modelling kinda too quick since your other post LOL…

In Maya this would have taken a week :weary:

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and to me has taken me months just to do this in blender, and still is not “perfect” subdiv modelling in some parts (specially fixing pinching and shading issues and other design issues because of not having a template for modelling this gun in the beginning, everything is eyeballed modelling here)

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SubD modeling can be painful, have you looked into using Hardops? I only use SubD if I have to.
The gun is looking great :slight_smile:

I featured you on BlenderNation, merry Christmas!

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Thanks Bart :partying_face:

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i dont like poly as much as subd modelling hehehe :sweat_smile:, but yeah i have box cutter…

You have BoxCutter … but the question is, do you use it??
SubDs have there place but can be slow. Looking at your gun, so many of the details could have been created in no time at all and non destructively!! Non destructive :partying_face: coming from Mayas destructive modelling its a God send.

i dont use it that much with subdiv because my subdiv workflow is destructive :sweat_smile: LOL…something i loved in 3dmax was the way this guy uses the creases but then i realized in blender is the same or closer but creasing is not as good a fencing (beveling) the edges yourself, which that can be done non-destructively but it doesn’t always work properly and then you may need to apply the modifier most of times because you have to do manual edits in the topology

yeah there is cases that you dont need to waste your time modelling in subdiv, instead going the non destructive poly modelling (after all if is gonna be textured, all has to applied to make the uvs properly) then apply the modifiers if necessary…yeah i have both hardops and boxcutter i dont honestly see very usefull hardops in some things, but is certainly quicker to manage modifiers and stuff from a single panel, but i think they should focus in more modelling tools, like meshmachine…and yeah the boxcutter is really good for making booleans faster like never before…

Hardops for non destrustive :+1:
Meshmachine for modelling, that guys addon is vodo magic. Have to admit I don’t use it all that much.
Have you started texturing your gun?

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not yet, but i gonna try to learn some substance painter first and throw it there to see if i can get some decent textures…also i can do it directly in blender with some procedural textures and some hand painted stuff…