calculus answers ?

Hi , i have calculus anton’s book 8th edition

can i find the answers of the even questions ?

thanks :yes:

Probably not. It is interesting that out here in California, students want to have the even answers in the back of the books as well. Small world isn’t it?

Hey , i’m not against arguing the students to think or use their mind and train , but how can i make sure that my ansers are right?

Simple. Plug the question into Mathematica, Matlab, Octave, etc, get the answer, and then spend hours trying to figure out whether your answer equals their answer. It will be great practice in Trigonometric identities.

I don’t know why teachers in college would assign you even numbered problems for homework. They might as well just give you a take home test. The only reason high school teachers do it is because they know high school kids are stupid enough to just pull answers from the back of the book and then fail the tests.

But Skottish is right. Find some way to check your answers. I use a TI-89, it’s the best calculator ever and it will give you derivatives and integrals, power series, etc. for calculus. Don’t use it to find the answer but use it to check your answer for sure.

Also, look around on eBay because people often sell copies or PDF documents of the answer booklets.

Also, you need to specify which book calculus book it is. Single variable or multi-variable and what’s the full title, because Anton wrote more than more. An ISBN wouldn’t hurt either.

Skottish has the best idea so far. You can probably pick up a student edition of Matlab for 100 Euro or so. I only use a calculator for tests, when I can’t use my laptop with Matlab.

I had my first college calc class today. Homework will be optional, but there will be quizzes based on it. So far, nothing too bad. What is Calculus? Blah blah blah. I got Matlab included with my book. I agree that it helps to know the answer to check if you did the problem right. Especially since nobody is grading my homework. Yay college! My programming teacher scared 15 people into leaving the class halfway through…

my first university day was before 2 weeks , and calculus isn’t hard … lol …
is there an open source or free program that can solve them …

Torture (trust me)

For integrals theres:

For open source, its probably best to start at sourceforge and then expand out into google.

Yeah there’s one on Sourceforge that I’ve used IIRC but it’s text based and fairly difficult to pick up.

It isn’t? Well, maybe you’re really good but I doubt that stuff like differentiable Manifolds, Complex Measures or Topology are going to be that easy too…
But on the other hand, I guess calculus is NOT analysis. As a german speaking student, we call everything related to the study of Limits, Differentials and Integrals Analysis. Therefore, you maybe never hear of these things…

Still, never underestimate Analysis - it’s the dark side of mathematics (hm, honestly, I don’t like it that much, I’m more into Logic and Algebra - of course that’s only my personal preference, it’s still quite a fascinating topic) :wink:

The math part of my Computer Sciences course had:
Calculus A
Calculus B
Calculus 3 (Calculus C for Computer Sciences…)

I also had
Numeric Analysis I
Numeric Analysis II
In the first we studied precision, exactitude, error propagation, different numerical systems convertion (basis10, 2, 12, 8, etc)
In the second we studied inertpolation, polinomial time function aproximation, complexity analysis, resolution strategies to reduce the nu,ber of necessary memory and number of operations, etc. It was the second most difficult class.

And there was also
Algebra and Analitic Geometry
Statistical Methods and
Discreet Simulation

And now I might come to need them all again :frowning: hehehehe


Try Octave

Another advantage to using Matlab is when you get into differential equations: a lot of practical problems can be solved numerically (ie: using Matlab) which either can’t be solved or are extremely difficult to solve analytically. Octave looks pretty good! I’ll have to try it. Thanks, Falk.

Yeah those things are not in Calculus here. The basic college Calculus course runs up to differential equations and differential and integral operations on multivariable equations.

Manifolds and topology are a totally different area.

i tried source forg and didn’t find anything :frowning:

Then I’m afraid there’s no hope for you. :frowning:

I found one for you though. You might have to put a little brain power into using it but it’s not too difficult.

I see, thanks for the input. And of course, if you were really exact, Topology would be a topic on its own but we hear the basics mostly in Lectures called Analysis (1 to 3), same for manifolds (needless to mention that there are special lectures as well, it’s just an introduction which is given in the lectures mentioned above).

Ok , DLDing Maxima and I will see …
valarking , thanks it was too nice to help