Caliber the Otter at the Bar

Took a loooong break from Blender, but I decided to return for a little bit and did this quick render. Not the most amazing thing I know, but I thought it looked cooI and wondered what you guys think!

Character is mine! His name is Caliber. Caliber the Otter. He’s normally around his bench gunsmithing or at the local bar hangin out!

Thanks for checking it out!


Behind the scenes on BlenderNation!


He looks like he needs an investors uniform.:rofl::blush: Love him. He reminds me of Zootopia.:blush:


…the detail on the fur is pretty nice

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Right!? I couldn’t agree more. Thanks! I love Zootopia as well, one of the reasons I decided to 3d in the first place!

Thanks so much! Fur isn’t easy to pull off believe me, took me a few tries and still learning!

Believe it or not, I made a rat, a few years back and went through the same (sort of)…

my own nightmare experience...

…I feel like it looks pretty realistic (or close enough)… but I have never been able to pull it off again ever since, haha. So I can totally relate to what you have been going through.

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Very nice! I like the way it looks. Keep up the good work! :grinning:

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Thanks for the kind words!

I would say its way easier now than it was back then, being that we have a new shader which handles most of the work. It’s honestly just grooming the hair that takes the most time. I just wish Blender had the same grooming tools as the industry like with maya or houdini. Blender’s is a bit limited at the moment IMO.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks so much! It’s a honor to be part of one of the greatest communities out there!

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:grinning: Great work, congrats.

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Out of curiosity: Did you make the model kinda low / medium poly and put the fur on it - or is it high poly and what kind of super computer do you own to be able to comb it then? :wink:

great work!

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The model was retopo’d from a sculpt. I tried to make it low poly while keeping the details. It’s actually low poly enough to where I need a subsurface modifier to get some quality back.

Also yeah… I built my pc specifically for blender, so it’s a bit overkill, and expensive lol

great job, caliber

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Guys I got to do a really cool Behind the Scenes article for this render on BlenderNation, If you want a quick read on my workflow!


You should make an animation with this guy ! He is amazing

Awesome character!!! I love it!

At first I thought the expression might be some kind of anger, but now I believe he is thinking “REALLY?!”. Nice. It makes me smile!

Nice character. His paws are cute. And of course the fur.

It has a little bit of a uniform shininess thing going on. I think if you lowered the smoothness/specularity on the bricks, it would help create some material contrast. The sheen on the otter’s oily coat and the brick wall kind of become one. I also might turn down the DOF.