Caligari trueSpace Import Export Suite

(scorpius) #1

I’ve added full support for Caligari trueSpace files to my Radiosity Import Export Suite. So now you can export radiosity solutions from Blender to trueSpace.

Run the import script, then middle-click on a file with a .cob, .scn, or .radio extension.
Run the export script, then enter a file name with a .cob or .radio extension. If you middle-click on a file, it will be overwritten without warning.
Isn’t the automatic file format detection wonderful?

Supported formats
.radio - import and export
.cob - import and export
*.scn - import only

Download the suite here (in the Python Scripts section).


(Condorcet) #2

I enjoyed using your script, but it wasn’t as useful for me as I had hoped. I was hoping I could use the truespace export script to import radiosity solutions into Bryce (which reads truespace files)–however I forgot that Bryce can’t read vertex colors at all, so while I could import my blender objects, the radiosity was gone.

Thanks anyway,

(LethalSideP) #3

Excellent - finally a cob import/exprt!! I’ve been after something like this to import models from Freespace 2 for ages!..

Does it do UV coordinates as well? (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!)

I’m gonna test it out as soon as I get home from school… Thanks a lot dude!


(jms) #4

Just a note: it is possible to export radiosity colors from blender to povray ( :smiley: ) with povanim:


(rndrdbrian) #5

Cool… But what is povanim?

brian (always on the look out for cool & free stuff!)

(jms) #6

Cool… But what is povanim?