Call for Blender 2.92 content

If you’d like a chance to show your work and contribute to the Blender community, the Blender Foundation is looking for artists who’d like to create demo scenes for various new Blender 2.92 features. More info can be found here:

If you’re interested, please DM me your portfolio, contact info and proposal of what you’d like to contribute. You can use Blender Artists Direct Messaging or one of these Blender platforms to get in touch with me.

The deadline is February 15th (2021).

Many thanks in advance!


hey btw nice to see you involve in the development mate :ok_hand: :+1:


i spent some hours trying to do something satisfying with APIC and the new viscosity, but mantaflow is so unstable i wasnt able to do anything, even the simplest thing result in some weird shit happening

If 2.92 feats were usefull to me ( and i need wuite simple things ) for sure i would contribute !!! :smiley:

But… for all topics mentionned i’m out of topic ( event if i lurk at geom nodes with some kind of greed :stuck_out_tongue: )

Anyway this is a great idea to involve real users in new features !
I LOVE the idea ! :smiley:
And i hope this will raise great and interresting exchanges !
Following this topic :slight_smile: hoping ppl will post some of their new works on 2.92 new features^^

Happy blending !

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Yes. I don’t know if call for content was successful.
But some features about editing (GP features, Sculpt features) and animation can not really be explained by a simple blend file but are requesting videos.
And several features are about advanced stuff that are rather pertinent on big projects (Cycles Optix improvements, EEVEE compositing, Fluids, Library Overrides).


A number of Blender artists are creating demo scenes and renderings at the moment. I’ve asked them to include as much reference how elements in the scene were created, for example inside a Text Editor text.

The demo files are not meant to be tutorials, just feature demo files you can have a look at, analyze, play with.

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