Call for Content: Blenderart Magazine #37

It’s time again to start thinking about articles, tutorials and images for Issue # 37 of Blenderart Magazine.

The theme for this issue is “Cool Tools”

The last several releases of Blender have seen a drool worthy number of new tools and features. So this issue we are going to take a look at some of these fun new features. In addition, as a fun play on words, we are also accepting projects that focus on real world tools, which can include everything from the common hammer to specialty tools or new concepts for tools.

Looking for tutorials or “making of” articles on:

  • Use of any feature or tool in blender (stable or test builds)
  • Useful Add-ons
  • Modeling or animation of Real world tools

*warning: lack of submissions could result in an entire issue of fuzzy bunnies, puffy hearts and a galley filled with images of hammers… :stuck_out_tongue: …… goes off to google reference images of hammers …. just in case. :stuck_out_tongue:

Articles Send in your articles to sandra
Subject: “Article submission Issue # 37 [your article name]”
Gallery Images As usual you can also submit your best renders based on the theme of the issue. The theme of this issue is “Cool Tools”. Please note if the entry does not match with the theme it will not be published.

Send in your entries for gallery to gaurav
Subject: “Gallery submission Issue # 37”

Note: Image size should be of 1024x (width) at max.
Last date of submissions April 5, 2012.

Good luck!
Blenderart Team

just curious: whatever happened with #36?
Thanks for BlenderArt Magazine!! =] I’ve got them all.

#36 is in progress, proofing should start shortly and then layout and release.