Call for Feedback from the Pro blender users...

Hey guys,
I’m starting this thread as a drop-box for the pro blender users to share their valuable insights on the work they specialize in, and how blender plays a role in their work-flow, giving proper objective reasons. If you use other 3D softwares alongside blender, then share the reasons for using them for whatever purpose you use them. And If you prefer Blender for some specific tasks, then please mention why is that with relevant and objective reasons. And I want the posts to be very specific, objective and honest. And before posting, please do read the following points :

  1. This is the thread for Blender pros to post and share their experiences, and not for newbies and freshers.( Having said that, this thread will ultimately serve as a great informative thread for the new comers and learners to see and get an understanding of how blender can be used professionally as a standalone tool or as a pipeline tool, to achieve variety of artworks.)

  2. All the posts made here should be made with accompanying objective reasons. This thread is not about making opinions so whatever remarks you make should have valid reasons, and not based on the personal preferences.( And by personal preferences I mean remarks like, “I use blender because I love it and however good other softwares are,I would always use Blender.”)

  3. And for the users who also are experienced well enough in other 3D softwares ( Having sound working knowledge), please share your working methods and how you utilize various softwares to achieve what you do. If Blender serves you better in particular task over others, or vice versa, do care to mention the reasons why.

  4. I hope the posts to be well elaborated, and not short on explanations.

I feel a thread like this would really help the pro users and the newbies alike. Pros can learn new things from others and new users would get a very clear and relevant insight on how blender handles various tasks, its pros and cons over other softwares and in various tasks. And I wish, if this thread goes well and good as I hope, I want this to be stickied, so that it wouldn’t disappear among others. And I really hope the forum admins will moderate this thread well and take proper actions when necessary.

Waiting for the Replies…:slight_smile:

I work (PAID WORK) for a lot of set-designers and light designers (more so for theater than for film and television) in Hollywood, CA.

Our main focus for now is modeling existing light grids for prospective light designers, modeling potential set designs for future productions and generally speaking providing visual aids for the designers and producers.

There was speculation as to the fact that currently Vector Works and AutoCad is the current industry standard, but with production companies on a tight budget there is definitely a market for Blender use because it is free and the current features are excellent and improving from one release to the next.

The workflow is not yet standardized because Blender usage in this area is still new but the potential is great and there is strong support not only from the local la.blend community but also from many designers who are becoming aware that Blender is open-source.

@animaguy: I think you didnt read the initial post properly. Its not about sharing your opinions and future prospects, Please do share how you have been using blender in your work and explain with reasons why. How blender serves you in your work and such. If it doesnt then also why. Keep the posts specific and objective please.

Blender in many ways serves me in my current work. Obviously I use Blender for fun but in regards to what I am doing with it when it comes to money, I am currently setting up a workflow for collaboration with set designers and and producers. Under normal circumstances I would have to either purchase AutoCad or Vectorworks and I would rather just use a simple 2D application. The 3D feature is what makes the use specifically exciting.

I do not know what else to tell you.

@animaguy: You dont have to post if you dont have anything relevant to post. The purpose of this thread is how you use blender in your works, and what specifically is that work, and how blender performs in that area, not about how you’re “planning” to use blender in your works. Tell the things based on experience not on speculations please. And please reread the points in the first post.

We are not planning anything. I am in the theater right now modelling the stage so that the model can be used as a template for collaborating with the light and set designers.


@animaguy: That’s is more like it. From your previous posts it wasnt obvious that whether you’re currently working in blender or you’re planning to use blender in your work. And the comments like, “with production companies on a tight budget there is definitely a market for Blender use because it is free and the current features are excellent and improving from one release to the next.” is not the topic of this thread to discuss. I already made it clear that posts should be specific. for example…

“I have been using blender for lighting and shader development ( describing whether in animation shots, archviz etc) . And currently blender provides a very good and interactive workflow with cycles. Lighting a shot and developing the look of the shaders is much better if the workflow is interactive so Im using Blender. It’s not so desirable making changes and not being able to preview the changes and having to render the scene everytime, especially with lighting and shaders. " And Blender really helps in setting up the scenes and test various lighting rigs quickly and efficiently, to prepare for the final renders. etc…etc…”

For every remark you make, do care to explain a bit and being objective. In the fourth point above I mentioned that the posts would be well informative and not short on explanations. So, have a look at your posts and see If you have cared to follow any of the points. And I again say, If you dont have anything informative to post, then dont. I again say this is for the experienced users to share their workflow, why they work the way they do, role of blender in their work if they use blender, and if not then why not ? Where does Blender lack in your current tasks, If you use blender for a specific task and not for everything, then mention how blender performs better in that area than others…etc. I hope Ive made myself clear enough.