Call for vehicle dynamics animation

Job type: Animations to illustrate proper driving technique and lines of travel along a snow covered road via overhead POV of car models driving on a 90-degree turning road.
Reason I’m coming to this group:
I have a job that was left half completed by a Blender artist (He decided he didn’t have the time, or sufficient knowledge to complete them. The models are gorgeous, but he’s no longer working it.) By “half completed” I mean that there are some files that are whole and finished, some that are almost whole, but do not move correctly when rendered, and some files that need to be recreated from simpler templates first created in Maya. The Blender files are more photo-realistic with reflections, bump maps and other enhancements to the original 2-D looking model backgrounds from Maya.
The first artist used it up. :frowning: Lets talk. I have to get this done for under $5-K US. Have already spent same to get to this point. I have money coming from the client when this project is finished. The sooner, the better. And because I have none to give up front, I’m in this forum and not the other one. The client and I are are very legit- in business since 1983. This is our fourth instructional series since 1984. I’ve done broadcast TV and been an independent producer since 1982- that’s my background. Yeah, I’m a classic relic. :wink: But, I am in a bind here since the other artist bailed. I do not know where else to turn for help. I can show the interested artist here the completed Blender models. I have the Blender files (for all models, backgrounds, lighting, cameras, etc.) and all rendered movies. There are seven short pieces left to do. The average length of each piece is only 6 to 10 seconds.
I will send links to videos on Vimeo of the completed material which has both Blender and old Maya files with the video of cars driving around the track, and you’ll see the animations as they appear in context with the three videos of which they are an integral part. You will get a comprehensive idea of what I’m talking about by watching them. You have to agree not to share them. Yet. I will credit you in the films. One is a 24-minute version for broadcast that has played on Public stations in the US and in Canada when done in 2008 with Maya animation. You will be seen. You can use your portions of the video(s) for your CV, reel, whatever, but cannot sell or give them away. My greatest concern: Please do not quit like the first artist did. It hurts many people when that happens. I need someone with complete integrity and an understanding of deadlines. I am a really good person to work with. I am a high level communicator. If you’re not, do not apply. Seriously. I need those skills from you as well as your artistic talent. I will need daily updates, feedback, and ongoing interaction in this. Even if only to say it’s rendering. This is a professional operation. As such, this is not my first rodeo. If your work is used in this, there may be more down the road. I live in a very small town and outsource lots of talent.
I’m grateful if you’ve read this far. Many people can do good work. Not everyone can create with the same attention to art, form, intent, and communicative skill such that the viewer “gets it” without being told what he or she is seeing. If you are someone who can do that, contact me. Please. Soon. Like Now. :wink:

Rich at SoloArts: [email protected]