Call to the contributors

Good morning Gentlemen,

The open source 3D anatomy atlas created in Blender has evolved well:

Now that the principles are well established in Blender-:

-and that a community of nearly 1800 health professionals (Education, Research, Care) follow the project-:

-the people who want to participate in building this tool of public utility are invited to send their email address to receive the contributors’ newsletter -a series of mini tutorials on the techniques used and an attempt at coordination.

Different missions are proposed:
-Unity development of the app (suite)
-Translations (Dutch, German, Italian, Chinese, …)
-Report errors (verification of the anatomical content)
-3D anatomy modelers
-Blender renders (images and animations)
-Python script (small improvements in Blender)
-Import/create/summarize the definitions

Tens of medical professionals are motivated but I have almost no contacts in 3D modeling and development.

If you have contacts with Unity developers; the mobile app made by Lluis Vinent could be improved to challenge the best proprietary solutions.

Both the content and the code are under CC-BY-SA license:

would be great if you guys create the female version of this model, and for this male model make all the meshes be retopologized with proper and clean topology, and not this ugly mess of decimated mesh found in the current z-anatomy male model…

Would you like to give a hand?

About the female model:
It is on the to-do list.

About the mess of decimated models:
-There is no texture
-Complex shapes seem to have a better detail/weight ratio with triangles than with quads.
-The sculpt needs to remain flexible because of the complexity of the shapes/relations

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I am not available at the moment, but sure if i could have some spare time for the project, and well at the moment i am still learning anatomy myself so my anatomy knowledge is kinda limited and maybe confusing at this time, but not bad at it am still learning and practicing it in my character models…

Yeah For the case of texturing would be preferred to have clean topology for uv mapping. But i am referring to have good topology shapewise, so new artists can understand more the shape of the anatomy in a more simplified shape but still keeping their organic form complexity of course…

Also with clean topology will be easier to edit with sculpting any time…

A good example of this can be this anatomy bundle that only has the visible exterior anatomy in this case

The forum of the website has been organized to facilitate the integration of new contributors:

Feel free to use it, even if it is only to share your opinion about how the app should work,
or the ugly topological mess of the meshes.

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