Calling all artists!!!!Do you have what it takes??

I dont know if this is agenst the rules of this forum, but I have my own little challange for you folks.
I am working on a top secret project, and I have to create a key prop that does not exist,
so I cant get any blueprints or images of any kind.
This is were you talented sum guns come in, I have a few ideas of what I want I just need to see a few ideas of how it might be done,

Like I said, it is top secret so I cant tell you what we are doing.
But what I can tell you is I need a a rifle shaped magnet for disarming enimies (this is not its real use) but this is the concept, a gun that is a magnet.

Here are some ideas I was hoping to implement.
1, I want it to look like it was hand made, in a run down shop by a mad scientest type inventor.
2, I need it to be made out of junk yard parts, and what might otherwise be trash.
3, I guess that is all the requierments, The rest is up to you, the artists.

If it would be quicker and easier for you, you can draw them on paper, the dont need to be 3d.

Thanks a million, to all of you

hmm i do know i have what it takes but the question is with limited info like this no clue what my work would be for and even if i would be credited for my work will I even try? Answer no

The subject is just an attention grabber, cause I am ready to start modeling the magnet,
buy no means am I asking for some one to model it for me.
But if someone comes up with the perfect design, and they agree I can use it, I would ofcourse credit them, and I would tell them what it is for at that point.
But I am just asking for help to brainstorm, I would mostlikly just use certain details of peoples designs.
I should say that this project is just me practicing the craft, it is my very first atempt at animation, so it is a joke really,
This is the star charater if you feel like that might help with the concepting.
he is 13 years old, and a nerd basicly, I might even give him a pocet protector and a coller on his shirt.
It will only be about 90 seconds long, I have a 60 second audio clip so it wont be much longer then that.


Does it come with wafers?

sounds like he just wants some free art

Besides my Monty Python quote above, I only have one thing to say:

Design it on the computer with Blender. This is how I often do things.

I dont think you guys get it,
I dont want anything but ideas, I dont want you to model anything for me, I dont want you to give me anything,
I have the concept in my head, and I know how to modle it,
I was just hopeing to get some differnt takes on the design, how would someone else build this thing.
But if you guys think your work is so valuble you cant help folks out, you must just be here to show off your work, and make other people look stupid is that it?
I notice there is a speed challange for alot of types of art, and I figured this could be a speed 2d drawing challange,

I’m game to draw you somefink - I’ll dream of the top secret magnetic gun an will try to get on at some stage. PM - just in case I forget.

Thank you very much kbot!!!
This was supposed to be fun,
Some of these guys act like I asked them to donate a kidney or something

Well, if it’s a magnet, it will need to be one that you can turn on and off, hence an electro-magnet. Thus in the real world it’ll need a power supply. So, it would most likely be attached to some kind of power-source backpack. As far as the ‘gun’ itself goes, I imagine something with rings around the end of the barrel would look magnet-like.

Yes, very good,
I plan on haveing a batterie pack on the gun, but now that I think about it, backpack sounds very interesting,
Yes it will have an on off swithch, a big part of the animation is the sound it makes as it powers up!!, I am so excited,

Errr . . . I guess I just volunteered to do something . . . but I’m doing this if only if you give me one of your eyes . . . just joking. I’ll send you a sketch in about 24 hours.

probably not

I certainly will have one of your kidneys though. Just Joking Again.

No one is obligateded to do anything,
I have it pretty much figured out, but I am still open to ideas

No worries Buddy - The tasking will keep me off mischief tonight. I’m off to prison in a few hours - not joking there by the way.

How advanced will this be? WAY in the future, steampunked, or modern?

I’m just going to a sketch that would suit a 12 year old kids’ environment - that will appear well in the pix supplied. I’m thinking horse shoe front, large fire cyclinder type - trigger.

Well Ladies and Gents,
I thought I would update this thread with the progress of the magnet gun,
I still have to work on the actuall magnet, but the power source is pretty much ready,
I also need to rig the arm of the magnet,


I like the looks of the backpack, great texturing. Some of the electromagnetic bomb designs floating around might give ya something to work off of with the gun.