Calling all developers!

calling all developers, of any programming/scripting language, to come join us on the project of making the first Blender Operating System!

this operating system will be an operating system, but with the beautiful interface that blender will allow us to make, so that means, more 3d than any other system in the history of computers!

No matter wut language u program in we can still use u at

come join us!

Interesting i was just thinking of a blender OS last night, mainly the fact that you should be able to split the window in half like you have 2 screens (like blender). Coincidence?

are you sure you know what an operating system is? I don’t think you fully grasp the amount of effort it takes to create one.

Your best bet is to make a skin for an existing os. I think someone already made a live cd for linux though.

jack000 i know fully wut im doing, and now im gathering a team to help me. interested?

and yes fishcake, that is one of the many capabilities an OS built on blender would hav. u should join us!