Calling all realtime Blender heads!!!

(TorQ) #1

So you think you are the best blender python/logic brick programmer?? Want to prove it? :o

Hi, my name is Matt Carter, I’ve been a blender user for about half a year. I am a professional video game artist. You may have played the first game that I worked on Hunter: The reckoning for Xbox. I modeled and animated many of the characters in that game, including the main female characters. About now you may be wondering what’s the point? Well, here it is. I am currently working on a Blender game/demo that will showcase my abilities as an artist as well as really show off what Blender realtime is all about. And this is where you come in. This demo is a short term high paced development cycle (a week or two) I will do all the art (modeling, texturing, animating) and I need someone who can help me make it come to life. I need someone to basically do all the programming for this project which sounds like a lot and actually is. I need player controls, Keys, Switches, particle emitters(I know that technically they don’t exist but many people are faking them just fine it seems), enemy AI, smart camera, and anything else not art that is needed for today’s high tech games. The most qualified person will be able to send me various .blend files as their “demo reel” demonstrating previously mention skills. I will choose the most qualified candidate. As this is just a demo piece there will be no money involved. The only compensation is to be able to use it to showcase your own abilities. I have prepared a few early “in game” screenshots of the art I have so far as proof of my end of the deal. I can’t post the screens since I don’t have web space but I would be more than happy to send them to anyone who would like to look at them and or post them on the net for me temporarily. I probably have left something out so watch for updates to this post and feel free to ask questions. Thanks for your interest.

TorQ :smiley:
Matt Carter

(SeaCigar) #2

:o :o :o


dang, you’re in trouble now…

My callsign is SeaCigar, but my real name is David Moore.
I have been busting my butt trying to break into the visual media business, with things involving modeling, animation, and texture design (you would know better than me).
I am 17 years old. That has got to be an instant turn off, but I will continue.

I have been working on a video game for my senior project, in an attempt to have it show on my resume later on. I live in kirtland, NM, which is like forever and a half away from most reputable game companies.
My efforts have given me much praise in my area, but I fear I am so far from the actual mainstream, that my work will look pathetic to others who have professional guidance.

Therefore, I ask that, even if you can’t use my work in your demo, that you please evaluate my work, and perhaps guide me on my way; I am very determined, and will find a way to demo anything you might need for design.

I can model the characters, can work the physics engine, logic bricks, and real world settings. I have knowledge of many of the techniques used in the realtime engine.

Please respond… I know this is slightly off topic from your request, but I would do anything to get into the business of game design for a living.

I am so determined, that if this attempt doesnt prove fruitful, I’m planning on going directly to individual game companies in a sort of road trip, grilling them for help to break into the business.

Although I haven’t been to collage yet, I am a fast learner ( its hard to explain without sounding like bragging, but I have already outdone all the classes in all the schools in my area…
yes, I’m desperate, but don’t count me out.

If you would like to see any of my work, Please let me know. I will wait for a response on this forum. Also, my family, and business, address is [email protected]

This is a serious, business related matter for me; I would do your work for you if I could… thats how much I want this…

thank you for hearing me out.

(SeaCigar) #3

:wink: P.S: I hope that your attempt to revive blender as a mainstream game designing device proves fruitful( I will help out the best I can, but there are others that will probably beat the pants off of me later, as this post becomes more publicized…

(joecool) #4

I think that I am VERY good in Logic bricks.
I think perhaps Saluk is the best programmer. I think I can do a lot of the stuff he does in python with logic bricks. Right Now I am working on a logic bricks demo type thing. I can’t model for beans, but it has some good logic bricks.
I will see if I can help, I have been really busy lately, but also, good luck trying to get help, these ‘Senior game projects to show what blender and I can do’ never pan out to produce anything more than a few characters and a level.

(Pooba) #5

Hey, i might as well try out, i like messing with logicbricks.

My name is Sam Tregillus and i’m 14. I can do a ton with logicbrick and anything that is possible with them, i think i could do it. I can’t really do much with python, but i’m getting pretty good at modeling. Though i’m probably thinking too soon, i’m probably going to pursue a career of game creation also. I made roller2 and everything on

I’m also working on a bit more impressive looking game that i think will be a combination Third-person shooter/RPG. And i got everybody to think that simple games were good to make and now my games will overshadow them all MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA (no, just kidding).

I’ll post my cool new game soon so you can look at it.


(TorQ) #6

Woah! Slow down there tiger! :slight_smile: Don’t get too excited about my little “project” its not going to be that special! Glad see that you are so interested in game design! That’s a really cool area of games to get into. One I know less about I have to admit! First of all, are you sure its game design you are interested in or game art or game programming? There is a big difference. At a professional level a person usually does only one of those things. A game designer does just that he designs the game play. Puzzles, level layout, where monsters spawn, all these things and more make up gameplay and its the designers job to make them fun. A designer usually doesn’t do much art, although being able to handle a 3D package to do basic level layouts is a plus I’m sure. Most designers that I have known (not a lot!) have a strong background in English. They need the ablilty to write well enough to communicate their designs and get people excited about them. Its probably a very good idea to get involved designing levels for small projects like mods and total converesions. There are a ton of them out there. Anyway I’ll have to continue this at a later point. L8R SK8R.


(TorQ) #7

pooba, very cool stuff! Roller2 is simple but shows strong game design. Nice. The cat game I played a while ago and loved it because of the cool pathfinding the mice were doing. You also are doing some cool stuff with UI in that demo too. Looking good.


(gargola) #8

i’m not even near to be the best here.and i still concider myself a newbie with blender…he he! :smiley: don’t know a heck about python but i sure have a good imagination and and come up with good stories(i think).well that’s what i got to offer.he he! :smiley:

(SeaCigar) #9

:wink: I was a little embarrased to post that to begin with, but I had to make sure to catch you before the thread got too involved…

Thank you for explaining to me exactly what game design is; upon your explanation, I have decided that I definately want to become a game designer, in the sense that you put it: I love thinking up fun concepts for games, and research the current methods so that I can communicate with the artists/programmers. Like I said, I would like you to evaluate the game I am working on so far; keep in mind, it’s no where near complete; textures are missing, as well as some cosmetic structures (models for looks, without function.) and the level is only a fraction complete. Given those matters, I hope you enjoy it.

The game uses kirby; lol, I know thats not too original, but he’s easy to animate, and conforms well to hit detection.

well, thats it for now… I will send the file, and the instuctions, over the email.

(SeaCigar) #10

:wink: I guess I’ll have to wait until you put down you email.

(TorQ) #11

My email is [email protected]. Due to my slow internet please keep emails to around 1 meg. Looking forward to looking at what you send! Thanks.


(wiseman303) #12

AAAaahhh!! I would love to send demos of some of my ideas, but I’m living with my dad for the rest of the summer and have no access to blender :frowning:

Oh well, maybe next time. :-?

(saluk) #13

Howdy! SOunds like a really cool project you got here, to really show off the possibilities of Gameblender. That’s awesome that you worked on an Xbox game, sounds like your pretty set up in the industry. If you have any pointers on how to get in, I’d like to hear them!

Anyway, as far as contributing things, I can help you out with some python scripts if you like, but am far too busy to really do much full time. I can probably rig up some particle emitters since I used particles in soldier down. If you want to take a look at my selection of work, take a look at The Spinhead Website.

Hope this thing works out well. Good luck!

(Thanks to joe for the props. I’m not sure if I’m really the best though, check out some of the high quality dudes in the python forums for some real programming masters!)

(ineedanewbi) #14

what is your demo going to be about???
it would help determine who u need if u knew what kind of game/demo you are going to make… as in a racing game? 1st person shooter? puzzle game? or just a bunch of flashy cool looking graphics that doesnt do much?

give us some details about your demo and exactly what needs to be done

heres my best work
there are tons of screenshots but u cannot download the game anymore… server is donw

its a 1st and 3rd person shooter… spin off of max payne, lots of weapons, drivable boat, lots of detail, lights, and huge explosions

(SeaCigar) #15

Hey TorQ, I sent you my game, but haven’t gotten a response.

Thats alright, though. I’m just wondering if you got the email I sent. Let me know if you even got it or not. Thanks!

(TorQ) #16

Sorry about that seagar, I have moved locations and no longer have a dedicated email. Yes, I recieved your email but am only going to be able to download it now. For the rest of you I am trying to set up a quick website just to throw up some screen shots. Again, sorry in the delay in getting back to you!


(TorQ) #17

I downloaded your file but it doesn’t seem to be in a format (.ace) I can open. Let me know what’s up. Also I have screens of my demo up now!!

(SeaCigar) #18

:frowning: no problem, sorry about that.

.ACE comes from a supercompressor that I downloaded because I had no idea that a default zip program was in my computer. I found the proper command, and will mail you the file in a normal zipped format.