Animation Video :

Hi everybody this is my latest render
Blender Cycles 1000 samples for the photos and 300 samples for the video.
I used 3D photoscaned people, some character animation,steam, Parking sign, and electric box from @Mrdodobird and also animation from mixamo
the rest of the model is mine, self made in blender.
for the texture everthing is self made procedural in blender, except the asphalt and the wall they from Quixel Megascans Assets but the puddle on the asphalt is self made procedural in blender.

the burger ,Coke bottles and ketchup bottles textures are projection mapping from image.
I also using HDRI from HDRIhaven then I build a random buidling construction to add a shadow to the scene.


great :smile:

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Thanks a lot :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: