"Calvin and Hobbes" in Blender

My first post here was my character animation test on Calvin character from “Calvin and Hobbes”, I really love this cartoon! And I love character animation too… so I decide to study over this character, but i don’t have much free time to play with this.
But I fix my OLD version:


Into this NEW one:


The facial animation and design needs to be improved yet… but I think I’m on the way! Here is the hand rig of Calvin.


I decide to post here for your feedback. I need your help to continue with the idea to animate a short history from this amazing creation of Bill Watterson: Calvin and Hobbes.

Well, I think this should really go in the WIP forum or focused critique, but this is really good. Good design, and good capture of Calvin’s character. I like the look of the facial expressions, if not the animations between them. Not too much to critique. The modeling is great, the animation is pretty good. It will be good to get him in a sequence.

But where is Hobbes?

Oh, I get it, he is imaginary, isn’t he?