Calvin Animation Test

This is the test of the Calvin Rig.

Here is the comparsion frame:


That is really sweet! I am not a huge fan of the transition from the black dot eyes to the big white ones though, looks too rough. But everything else is great! Nice work!

I’m not saying it’s bad, just creepy how it makes with the eyes.
Good animating!

I’d say it’s perfect.

this is awesome!
i love calvin and hobbes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome work man, keep it up! I thought about doing Calvin & Hobbes when I first got into 3D . . . this makes me wish I had.

i really liked this, calvin and hobbes is one of my fav. comic book characters. you did a really good job to translate calvin over to 3d. i watched the walkcycle animation too and i have to say you nailed it! especially liked the eyebrows/eye/eyewhite transitions (this could be used for some really funny and dramatic stuff) and the hair movements.
while i was browsing your other tests, the dancing sun caught my eye too. looking forward to see more of your animations/tests in the future.

That is perfect! I’ve always wanted to see Calvin brought to life in animation (I’m even willing to watch Robot Chicken to see it.) I think the expression is perfect - not easy, since Bill Watterson’s work usually relies on the advantages of ink on paper rather than polygons.

I’m inclined to wonder about how this would look when animated. For instance, Calvin’s eyes usually transform from little dots in a neutral face to big expressive ones when he’s angry, surprised, etc. How would you do this in 3D?

Thank’s! If you or somebody else want to animate Calvin or help me making Hobbes I will appreciate and I can upload .blends here. Just tell me if you are intrested.
Thank’s again.

You are right, man! when I decide to translate Calvin into 3d I thought that it would be easy… but 3d never match the pencil of a cartunist as Bill Watterson! I don’t like so much my work, I admit that the my character don’t match with the original cartoon… but i love animation! And Calvin! So, for now I’m glad with this result, because i done this just to study animation character…
But you are right, man! It’s not easy!!! I could say it even for “Pixar” and you know that i’m not exagerating…

eversimo, i’d be interested in working with you.
i’m mainly a modeler myself, so i’d like to take the Task to create Hobbes.
If you accept my proposal just say so, and i’ll start working on him.

I also would like to help. I’m a pretty moderate user when it comes to armatures, and I understand how to use the NLA editor. I might not be quick about it for the next month, I help with a anime convention here in Nebraska, but in my free time I’ll see what I can do.

Question: do you have shape keys on the face?

Well done! :smiley:

I think the eyes work. Trying to do ‘passive’ Calvin with the big white eyes wouldn’t work, and trying to pull off emotional Calvin with just the black dots would totally not work. I think this is the best way to do it, personally. I’ve thought about doing 3D calvin & hobbes before, and tried to do Hobbes once but it was hard as hell to get it right

If anyone tackles it, I suggest you make two different models - one for “standing up like a human” and one for “walking on all fours”. His legs are WAY too short when he’s standing up, and when he’s on all fours he’s got different head / shoulders. Good luck to whoever tries it and good work, eversimo. This animation is really awesome.

Of course, man! Just try to get the personality of Hobbes and it will be done! Any help will be appreciated! Do your best man! if you want Calvin model just ask me!

Yes! your help will be appreciate, I want to upload the model here… but the size is 1.3mb… so here is the external link

And yes! There are shape keys on the face but i “remaking” the hole face… because it’s most important part, the expressions! I trying to add a system like “ManCandy”.
I really wanted to work on the teeth. I went in and between each section of the teeth I made a face, and when it was done I subsurfed it and then used Shift-E to shape the tips to the right smaller size and the baseline next to the gums I pretty much maxed them out. Also for the material for the teeth I took off Cubic and applied OnlySha (only shadows, to alpha out the shadows giving it that cubic look)

I think his hands need a few more bones, cause there isnt much to work with and the fingers stretch a bit more than they should when seperated. It would also be nice to have the very tips of the fingers be able to bend so he can make a claw like hand

So eversimo, Like I said if you want to work on this project I’ve the FTP setup for you already.

blaize - if your going to do Hobbes and you want help on it I’ll give you access too.

Very nice! Better teeth! I realy didn’t take care of it… about the fingers, with the setup that I used I think he can reach 90% of the poses of the frames from Bill Watterson cartoons, but for me! That what I think. You can upgrade it if you want… but for now I will take care about the face expressions…
If you note, the rig is very simple and it’s just for study… I think a professional animator would to vomit when see this setup… but for me is good.

I have to admit some of the armature you have set I have questions on, but I wont dabble on that. I think I’ll try applying the armature myself and see what I can come up with rubs hands evily

Question - Is the hair also animated by a shape key? I fail to find the way to animate it the way I see in your walk test video.

also what happened to the texture on the shirt?

anyway - thanks for sharing the file.

The hair is totaly softbody controled… but I know that for the fast movements this method wont have much control so I will make a bone to control it. Just active the softbody on the mesh, and remember to put the softbody modifier under the Armature modifier…

The texture was a image with black stripes, you can create other black stripes and just replace the texture. The UV is already set to the shirt to project the stripes correctly.