(S68) #1


need feedback.

This is a Crystal calyce over an inlaid wooden table

Blender + LF



1 - do you like the modelling?

2 - do you like the lightning?

Serious questions:

  1. The glass is half filled of a material which I hoped to be wine. If I watch to the material in MATSpider it is a ruby semitransparent stuff.

Here it looks like water (and pretty dumb water too) :frowning: !

  1. The wall should be flat!!! That diagonal line is an artifact!!! Why oh why it is there? Even if I take away all bump/displacements/etc, it is still there :frowning:

Thanx in advance


(blengine) #2

wow that looks good…sheesh, lightfloq does wonders to glass
i love th modeling, extremely detailed, and that detail is too good u damn monkey… :wink:

lighting is amazing…very real… was it hard to set up the lights in lightflow? im thinking about ttrying it…

no id have to say that glass is half empty with good water which will be fantastic wine =)

whoa thats an artifact! thats insane! its more like a cool crease in the wall 8)

wonderful job

(rixtr66) #3

nice crystal goblet.i really like the table! ive had a similar problem
with the black lines,i had to go back and recalculate the normals,in
one case i had to replace the not sure why but it happens from
time to time.another thing you might want to try,subdivide the mesh.
sorry i cant be more helpfull.nice work. keep at it i love lightflow!


(pofo) #4

That glass is just too real!

Try turning or changing the grain on the lighter wood, as it is it doesn’t really look inlaid. Rather as if two different [don’t know english word for paint used to color or darken wood but not to hide the grain] have been used.

(Skates) #5

NICE!!! Although I think you may need to raise the trace depth on the glass by 1 or 2, you can see a couple black parts. It looks very real! lightflow is one of my favorite programs. For the artifact- try re-exporting the geometry of the wallk, just redo it in the same place. Rename the .PY file you worked on and export the scene again with the modified wall. Then, just change the mesh file that you use in the orignal .PY file, it should work. I don’t know if that will fix the problem but it might. Check the normals, and try subdividing the mesh. Otherwise it’s a very very good scene!!! What was the rendering time?

(S68) #6

You! Flattering :slight_smile: !

So globlet is the right English word, good :slight_smile:

Will try both suggestions! Thanx!

It is a little different, not much because Lightflow is very picky on patterns sizes and tends to chrash… maybe changing direction…

Sob, it is already much slow this way :frowning:

For artifact I’ll do as you (and rixtr) said :slight_smile:

real 667m19.274s
user 0m0.020s
sys 0m0.060s

THat’s more than 11 hours :slight_smile:


(kino) #7

WOW really cool good wok,
have you used the sphere with a env map?
solved the problem with the wall artifact ?
11 hours :o