Camaro SS 1969

Hi, im present my new work actually of my camaro ss 1969 animation drift.

to make that ive started by modeling on blender and im think put paticle emiter for the wheel to see fx smoke.

the render used think it’s cycle like all my work im use it to better performances and rendering time.

time of animation, im think like 20 seconds, simple road with car drift and grass in first plan move with the way of car, im send picture reference in futur.

tell me how to improve my work if you have sugest.

Thank you.

discover more of my work into my website here:


thank you really

NEW UPDATE 17/06/2015


More screen in futur, im advance on modeling but not fully time to work into this project.


I like it a lot. looks very very good. can you share how do you create that materials? with nodes? only basic settings?. im trying to use cycles and i cant see my car… all my car looks black. and my materials are made with nodes…

for the moment ive not maked material, it’s just matcap render internal glsl, im on modeling for the moment, but yeah in futur im can put material node otherwise, go to my range rover evoque project.


Nice website :slight_smile: You may want to study English usage a little in any free time you have though. It is hard to understand the above post. I think it might help your career as well.

yeah sorry, im french so im not the best on english but im want improve my english language, but thank you for help

I guessed that was probably it. Your work is very high quality, I just don’t want your limited knowledge of english to affect your career opportunities. I wish you luck :smiley:

im amator freelance artist 3d, im work on blender since 10 years now, but im look to start school in reality augmented 3d, with rockstar game studio partner of school, ahah, but i know im so bad in english my friend in usa tell me all the time^^.

contact me on skype if you want, skype: cakyco

update of tire with rims, wire with subsurf level 2

im search texture for tire of camaro ss 1969, if you have tell me by MP please and RATE this thread please to improve my work.

Thank you!

new update for today,

not finish and i dont know where im stop modeling for interior because it’s for animating, im think put scene of we see an men drive car and little sequence camera to show counter speed, what you think?

are you think it’s good idea put this scene into animation, like fast and furious style.

thank you

This is looking seriously awesome! You have some really lovely modelling here. Yes it would be great to see it in an animation. That’s what I intend on doing with my mustang.

Keep up the good work

thank Blueseal86, im think too it’s good put scene into my animation ahah, and i love your ford mustang.

im need make character so, or just arm i dont know for the moment.

rate my work if you like thank


update of today work, modeling finished, with interior and chassis.

some picture of work, tomonrow starting rigging.

total poly: 907,056

time modeling: 3 days

thank and not forget RATE please, thank you.

wire of car, rigging in video in feature, when ive time!!

next step, modeling world for animation.

thank you

BTW, why does the title say (animation)? I haven’t seen one yet . . . if you are just planning on adding one, please edit the title when you do. Do not included it now. It could be considered false advertising.

okay, thank ive changed it :slight_smile:

That’s a clean wire, nice !

thank all,

new update for today in video:
rigging, and little demo animating for final animation render in futur, next step modeling world environement^^.

RATE please, to know the possition of my work.

new update today ive started the environement work, so look the road guys, ive used for particles the database on blendswap, thank blendswap, and the artist have make the particle grass.

Thank you, Rate please :slight_smile:

test animation drift with physic for camaro ss:

Nice work :slight_smile: The car is looking good! I would sharpen up the edge of the body in front of the door.
Some critiques on the environment (though you have just started) The grass looks good! the road texture can get a bit repetitive. The ground where there is no grass looks a bit fake atm. Though if there will be motion blue these might not be noticeable…