Camboto | Short film

Hi guys, I would like to introduce you to a project I am currently working on together with a colleague. It’s a short film. I would be very happy about your criticism and comments.

Story in a nutshell
On New Year’s Eve, Camboto has a small misfortune that could have a threatening effect on his right to exist. Together he and his friend and co-worker Lemid try to avert the impending disaster.

He’s responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly. Unfortunately, he’s sometimes clumsy and forgetful.

He’s the friend and helper of Camboto and supports him wherever he can. But often he is too small and too weak.

Lemid goes to Work
A proof of concept animation for the Camboto short. The aim was to carry out all the necessary steps for the production of a short film once to find out if this is even doable for us.

The control room
Some detail renders of the workplace of Camboto and Lemid.

The hand-drawn storyboard was later digitized for an animatic using Blender/Freestyle and post-processed in Krita. These are some examples of the resulting frames.


Test animation for rigged computer monitors

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