Camera and object size limitations

Some of the recent projects I have been working on have made me aware of some limitations I haven’t quite been able to work around. I am rendering some scientific volumes using blender and these include flying into different things such as blood vessels. The thing is that the camera does not fit all the time and the only solution has been to make the objects larger. This works fine for single objects (mostly) but for some projects I’ve had to enlarge the objects to a level which reaches the limits of what blender seem to allow and which leads to strange artefacts. My q is if there exists a way to make the camera “smaller” making it possible to use the objects at the same size while reducig the camerasize? Are there any other ways to tackle these problems ?

// Litterate

Have you tried with a different lens? A wider angle can help you: in the camera panel type a lower lens value, e.g. 20.