Camera animation by

Hi All,

Is it possible to animate the camera like it moving by some trajectory?
If so how to do it, or please point some tutorial about it.

you can parent the camera to a bezier-path and let it follow.

1 - ADD>>Curve>>Bezier Curve

2 - TAB out of edit mode

3 - select camera, select path hit CTRL+P>>Follow Path (adds automatically a Follow path constraint to the camera.)

4 - move camera manually to the starting position of the path

5 - hit ALT+A to watch animation

6 - with camera selected, go to the constraints panel (F7) and tweak settings

Weel, thank you!!!

It’s nice, just one more question: my camera has rotate during this, how to avoid it, just following by path?

what do you mean? the camera should keep it’s orientation. …try this: select the camera, press ALT+R (this will clear any rotation applied), then rotate the camera to point where you want it to and add a rotation keyframe (I>>Rot).

this should work.

if you want the camera to orient along the current curve-position, go to the constraint panel ad activate “Curve follow”


Thank you! i have no idea why esterday it has been rotated… now I did samething it’s ok! Once again, thanks!

no prob, you’re welcome :slight_smile: