Camera Binding - Disable Temporarily

Does anyone know if there is a way to disable or mute your camera bindings from the timeline? For example I have 5-6 cameras bound to my timeline for an animation, but if I have a separate camera I would like to use for stills I always have to create a new camera binding wayyyy down the timeline after my animation. That’s great if you want to make 1 still camera, but to do several your just constantly creating markers and binding cameras, which all happen after your actual animation. If this mute or disable function doesn’t exist I think it would be a very useful option.


This is something I would really like to know as well. I am using b2.8 and b2.9 and see no way to disable or mute camera markers. This seems very trivial and almost necessary, I can’t imagine how (or why) it was not included as a mainstream feature.

Is there any way to mute camera markers in Blender? Even if it takes many lines of python to do it I would really like to know how to accomplish this.