camera collision

hi, i am making a walkthrough gallery, where one uses the arrow keys to move the camera, but i can’t seem to stop the camera from going through the walls and floor. how does one stop that please.i notice there is a collision option and tried a few ways but can’t get it right. thanks

Well you can click on your camera and make it actor ect… but then your camera view will be lower unless you set the height again but what I would do is to make a Empty then make a parent to the camera and the empty and i would make the empty right under the camera and just make the empty act and dynamic and a bounds of a box or somthing and make the empty have the logic bricks as if you press up key ect… move up because since its parented with the camera the camera will move or follow it.

Example right here :

Well I gota go right now Cya all :wink: