Camera draw wireframe only?

Did a bit of searching for my new game on the camera subject…no luck…

Is is possible to force a camera to draw wireframe only?

I have a HUD camera using a split screen script, I was wondering if I can make it just draw monochrome Green wire frames of the scene?

The main camera i would like to remain in potato/ Shaded mode.

I think it would add a Cool Xray mode for my HUD camera.
even a wireframe overlay on the shaded mode would be a neat addition…

TIA :slight_smile:

I’m not sure but if you switch materials to wire it may work, but I’m not sure you can make that switch during game

the materials have to be shaded for the normal camera… I only want the wireframe in the camera on my HUD…

would give my player Super cow powers! see the eveil ones bedind corners!!

lol cool you should make screenshots…ummmm well i dont understand this hud thing of yours could you explain more? lol i have stupidity issues sometimes…I’m braindead today and the way your using hud is confusing me…do you meen like a seperate part on the screen that’s a different view?

To my knowledge this is not possible. Maybe you could write a script that switches all materials to wireframe instead? This might not be possible either, since I don’t know anything about python.

The only way to do this is replicate your main scene, then change the replica’s materials to be drawn in wireframe. You’d also need to mirror all the actions from the main scene.

The ability to dynamically change materials ingame would be a welcome addition to the engine…