Camera Fit View Add-on

I have created a simple add-on which adds two new options to Cameras menu:

  • Fit Camera to view
  • Create Camera From View

The “Fit Camera to View” will fit and match selected camera to view.
If no camera is selected the active camera of scene will be matched to view.

The “Create Camera from View”
creates a camera and fits that exactly to viewport.
The default align to view operation does not account for lens properties and the camera is not matched to viewport.

In both options the camera POV and properties are matched to view
Properties: Lens Focal Length, Sensor Size, Clipping.

I personally add shortcut for myself but didn’t include that in addon.
User can set custom shortcuts for themselves.
Mine is:
Ctrl + ~ > Fit Camera to View
Ctrl + Shift + ~ > Create Camera from View (2.2 KB)

In the Youtube link I’ve demonstrated the default method, the problem, the solution and the add-on.

Hope it will be useful…

Right click on menu items to assign shortcuts


Camera from view = Awesome! One handy thing from Good o’Maya Days. Thank you so much!!!


Hi @Yashar,

Great idea! Simple, elegant and very handy. Just tried it in Blender 2.83.5 and it works like a charm!

Cheers and stay safe!


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Glad you Liked it :raised_hands: :rose:

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thank you… very useful.


The good thing. Thanks

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I am coming from 3ds max, and I am so happy for this. Cheers. Thanks.

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I missed it from my old friend, 3dsmax, too! :laughing: :raised_hands:

thank you

most useful add-on

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Thanks :raised_hands: :rose: :rose:

Very cool!

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Thank you :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :rose:

thank you… very useful.

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This is simply perfect. A lot of time looking for something like this. Thank you so much.

great stuff dude ! thanx!

Awesome, Thanks!

thank you. I’ll try to use your add-on.

Thank you so much for this great addon :slight_smile:

thanks so much