camera follow path with variable speed

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I would like to have a camera follow a predefined path or inside a deformed tube or channel or anything in gameBlender. How can I do this by still keeping the freedom of changing the speed at which the camera moves?
So, I would like to be able to have the cursorkeys (for example) to map to a force in the direction of the path.

Is my question clear? Otherwise let me know and I can try to explain more…

Any ideas?

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IPO’s are the only built-in “path” mechanism in the game engine. However, there is no explicit “speed” setting of the IPO.

You could do it with a property-driven IPO.

The IPO defines the path. You set the current frame with a property. Keyboard sensors could increase/decrease the rate at which the frame property increases. Perhaps you will need to write some python to make a smooth increase and decrease. You might get some inspiration from the girl-python demo that NaN made.


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Hey Tom

Thanks a lot for your answer! Never realized the property-driven Ipo-Actuator before…


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Yes, if you use a FLOAT for the property, you can have a lot of freedom in how fast or slow the animation plays, as you can increment by amounts smaller than 1.