camera following path

I am making a rollercoaster and all is done exept that the camera won’t focus straight ahead when taking corners. could someone tell me how to fix this please.I thought one would put a object on the track like the coaster and let the camera keep track of this object while following the path.

I am assuming that you have the camera following the path and that it is always pointing along the tangent of the path (using curve path and curve follow). Much of the time the camera will not have the track in view.

To remedy this have an empty follow the path a ways ahead of the camera and track the camera to the empty rather than using a curve follow. Then rather than pointing along the tangent the camera looks ahead on the path.

Sample blend (just hit alt-a to watch the animation)


I know I’m a newbie … but I just took a camera and stuck it on top of a model airplane that I animated, and parented it to the model and ran the animation. It looks straight ahead as the plane follows it’s path.

Just thought you might want another approach.

P.S. - I made this animation after watching GreyBeard’s excellent video tutorial on paths.


Imagine if you have a circular roller coaster path with the camera following the path and doing a follow curve. The camera is alway pointing along the curve tangent (right angles to the centre of the circle). The track will be hardly visible to one side. Its equivalent to taking a sharp corner in a car while just looking straight ahead, you naturally turn your head to the inside of the curve to see where you are going. Try the example blend after deleting the empty and using a follow path instead and you’ll see the difference

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Ok … will do. :slight_smile: I was just trying to do what I thought he wanted. Sorry.